Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wait. Take a Moment

Attaching yourself to people
who cannot love you
is not a madness, a sickness
or stupidity

it is being unaware
of your own need for compassion
for the pain that rings about your ears
that you swat away, falcon-eyed on
your new prey
the one you chose to love, 

the impasse is blue rubble
you sprain your ankle
graze you knee
clambering over with
a plea of "wait for me, I'm here, I'm coming!"

but they are long gone
they have grief like plugs
of grey in their ears
from another hurt
one you weren't around to see

best thing you can do is turn back
at least sit down and take a rest
regroup, reconsider
discern if the near broken leg and blood loss
is worth it

...or if
some people just don't do love

Zena Edwards©