Monday, 18 July 2011

In A Walthamstow Old Peoples Home

They show up out of the blue
Fuzzy edged figures shaped like memories
bright brown circles rimmed with the pale blue yesteryears
of curdled dreams, clouded in 1950’s sepia dementia, so 
you asked the same question, “Wat your name again?”
In amongst the others you sit
a young old  man, Nevis citizen, England bound
a tailor’s profession proudly tucked under your arm
like a broadsheet - important, like folded wings –
a new life under the protection of a Motherland beckoning
fledgling, sure of the uncertainty
of migrating, certain of your manhood
Some time settling.
Enough to sever ties
enough to know when you’ve been lied to
Then something rustling.
a reminder, a soft alarm
like the syrupy resonance of a familiar calling,
a hunger, a wondering - “Back ‘Ome”.
Back then
never knew
how you were gonna get back home
just held a spirit
that wanted forward
In amongst the others
the other fragile catacombs
whose chairs are positioned to face a TV
who sit  so still so not to disturb the dust
you see them, familiar strangers who smile as they approach you
- your daughter and her child, they say.​
You talk and they listen
and you know you forget things but they don’t seem to mind
besides they feel warm and want to know you
they feel like home
and every time they make farewells, you tell the girl child,
“Look after your muddah” and that you thank them for coming
cos you’re not long for this world, you’re waiting,
“Waitin’ on di Lawd.
Waitin’ on di Lawd to call me.
To call me to com Back ‘Ome”.

Written by Zena Edwards

Sunday, 10 July 2011

CHERIE - in her own words

Cherie is a character from Travelling Light, the new one woman show and she is anxious. She learns her anxiousness is so closely linked to her growing up in a deprived area of Birmingham, where women not much is expected of 'girls', said most times with a loaded sense of disregard when they have dreams.  She comes down to London aged 18 and falls into a similar crowd the one she left behind in Brum, a crowd where Sex is currency, and a "relationship" or "friendship" with benefits, is just something you did to pass the time.

Her new sense of womanhood only comes to light after an extremely traumatic 3 years, where she runs away from an abusive marriage, with Amy her 2 year old, and finds new love that she is not sure will come to full fruition if she cannot get healed from some of the damage done to her in her previous marriage.

Cherie - Dear Diary 12th March 2008

Cherie - Dear Diary 27th April 2008

written by Zena Edwards 2011©