Thursday, 10 January 2013

Falling in the Key of B flat Minor

we get older
it is further to fall
the ground comes up in slow motion
icing on a hard knock cake

but we are practiced now
should know how to fall
judo champions pride themselves on slapping the mat
with a free hand, break the fall, fighting back
getting up to get a grip and throw the challenge to the ground -
"Who is master/mistress of this life?!"
trusting the inner
in balance with the outer
tuned to the key of b flat minor

Zena Edwards©

"An expansive key, B flat minor is a luscious,
sensual key, and one in which an unhurried and flowing depth of
emotion as well as spirit can be found. Its serene beauty is highly
refined. B flat minor has a broad and even brawny aspect about it that
leads it substance and strength…" 

Source: The meaning of Key (in music) 

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