Thursday, 20 October 2011

The prince and the poor bitch

i'm a raggedy rich girl with empty pockets
looking at those invisible diamonds on my fingers

you are a list of encores on my palms
an a to z of inhalations

if these simple lips and tight tongue
could put voice to that breath
they’d talk the wind of a web
of the bind of supine spells that snare me
in the sound of your name

in a pitch night of flawless entrapment
fucking with monumental moods swings
in between the blades of these venetian blinds
shades of flaring orange and intrepid indigo
you kiss (like its supposed) to make everything ok
i rise and fall in turbulent tides, turning, forever turning

                                                                                     Dangling from the edge of a dawn chorus
                                                                                     over dreams of Onyx unicorns and fawning lilies
                                                                                              who turn their sex to a moaning misty moon

clouded in lost love songs not yet born
love so potent it’s daunting
haunting until my stomach comes out on my tongue
I give what I have
and I desire only to be here

there are wet eyes in the sky tonight
watching a rich girl
with empty pockets
slipping a diamond so willingly
onto his finger

Written by Zena Edwards©

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