Monday, 31 October 2011

A diary entry - a blue song

there is this song that i want to sing you all
not that my voice is good, its cracked
got broken when the moon
looked away. don't blame her
she's not that easily distracted, there was
a real war going on one time
so she turned for a moment to see 
I smile with my mouth turned down
what the noise was. when she did 
my top note shattered. i was sore for a day
or three but i stll remember the melody

 so don't expect clear water
all i got is soft mottled syrup
clotted near the aorta of the harmony
but sweet
liable to break your heart still
yeah i believe i can say that
with humble authority

these lips have chapped
from all the hurricanes  i've blown
all the circle songs
that have raised the dead who  camped in my back yard
but i'm not ashamed of those angels , not me

i got a song i want to sing for you
 something i am proud of.

i'm a lady with a blue song
a blues song made of diamonds, 
ash and water and golden syrup

written by Zena Edwards 2011©

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