Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tweet Poems - # PeaceIn OurTime

Wen sanity weeps 
like a slick succession of roaches 
slippin thru a rip in humanitys skin, 
Great Minds coagulate round the wound of unreason

2 blot the bleeding with Diplomacy 
b4 She was kidnapped & gagged 
& could use both hands 2 stem the flow,
b4 politics tied 1 behind her back

& told her 2 row 2 the grassy bank of freedom 
knowing her boat wud only go in circles,
barnacles of conflict crusting its hull.

As the ripples distort the mirror
broken refractions of light
fall like pieces of a confused puzzle.

Come the Great Minds 2 still the water  

to mend the vista of magic
to exhale words in the order of reparation
to shepherd the chaos to calm
to halt the tumult 4 a moment's respite
to ensure we do not fear the well of silences to come

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