Saturday, 3 March 2012

Truth Hertz

I call upon Truth
Let your Self be known.

Do not hold your hungry tongue.

Truth, bear Witness
Offspring of Justice
Fathered by what is
Mothered by that which will always be.

Truth, principled whisperer of potent prayers
Pregnant as an overdue season
guaranteed to have its ripening.

Truth, monstrous ocean vexed by toxic lies,
Sucking lightening from the sky
In a clash, a mighty war
for the souls of humanity.

Truth! You are summoned
To shatter me with your song
Expose the right from wrong.

Blaring as your scream may be,
Ravage me.
Glaring beast, do your worst!

You might rip the lids from my eyes
Shred my lips so I cannot deny
Burst my ear drum, tear at my skin
Strip me to my bone, but
All illusions must be razed to the ground

I open my heart.
I let you in.

I stand firm 
in the roar of your electric wind.

Written by Zena Edwards©. March 3rd, 2012


  1. YOU are the truth. Beautiful, penetrating words straight from the soul, brutal but honest. Sliced right through to me....The truth is you. Paul

    1. Thanks Paul. I much appreciate your comment. And apologies for the very slow reply. I missed it.